KRONE WINDOWS is a Danish producer of high quality windows with more than 60 years’ experience. We deliver windows to private homes in Denmark and larger building projects in Denmark and abroad.

KRONE Concept offers beautiful,  long-life and price-conscious solutions within specified limits and applies mainly to master carpenters and private people. 

SA Concept is for those who wish to challenge the limits and make their own choice – and applies mainly to the project business. The keyword is flexibility. 

The Traditions

Windows and doors from KRONE VINDUER A/S are products of the highest quality regards to long life, minimal maintenance and very low energy losses. Our windows and doors are manufactured with great precision using high-tech machines. However, good, solid craftsmanship, which has been the hallmark of the company since the beginning of 1953, is still the foundation of a good and high quality production.
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The Environment

Wood is an amazing material that is better suited than any other material for the manufacturing of windows and doors. For us it is not indifferent where our supply of wood is coming from. Therefore we get our wood from controlled forestry, where the rate of replanting is greater than that of felling. 
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Job Opportunities

The production at KRONE VINDUER´s location is in modern premises with many tools that provide a good working environment. Through development the performance of our windows are constantly optimized - including the maximum insulation. This gives our sales department the best cards in their hand. A good dialogue between management and employees has made the company popular. Therefore we get lots of unsolicited applications. 
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