In the good old days the carpenter visited the premises and took the measurments for the windows and doors. With great respect for traditions and good craftsmanship the windows and doors were made by hand in the workshop. – Half a century after Krone Vinduer´s establishment, the company still works by these principles - only faster and in more modern premises.

On a traditional basis of good craftsmanship KRONE VINDUER only manufactures our products using high quality materials. By using only heartwood we ensure a long durability, as it has been done for centuries.

The largest crucial difference is the advanced, high-tech production we use to renew the tradition and ensure competitive prices. The addition of aluminium-profiles has made our windows and doors almost maintenance-free and the development of super low energy glass has reduced heat loss significantly.

The tradition is the same, but the renewal has made our windows and doors even better than before.

Doors and windows have been produced in Harken since 1953, where the founder of the HP Group, Henning Pedersen, established the company. The department of windows and doors were then taken over in 2005 by our current ownership, who all work in our company today. This applies to among others director Kaj Bundgaard, who has worked in the company since 1975. 

KRONE VINDUER is now an independent company that has undergone a rapid technological development in these recent years. The experienced team of employees is our guarantee that the good traditions are kept in custom.