Wood is a warm, healthy and popular building material. With hard wood windows from KRONE we give you the possibility to change the many good qualities from the wood into value in your building.

A long-term solution

Our energy-marked windows are made of 100% heartwood. This makes the windows a long-lasting investment. The high true density of the wood and the continuously oil treatment gives the windows a beautiful look through many years.

  • Softline/standard - Wood/aluminium windows with a rounded and pure profile.
  • Classic - Wood/aluminium windows with classical profiled edges.  
  • Massive – highly-insulated door plates with many possibilities                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Facade/terrace – bars-, filling- and frame doors
  • Double doors – two-winged facade- and terrace doors
  • Half doors – outgoing stable doors
  • Sliding – sliding doors