Here you may find descriptions of our special solutions, such as windows with extra frame depth, different materials, bottom hung windows (noise-reducing), panels, glass to glass corners. 

When visiting our special department you are met by the smell of sawdust and newly oiled wood, a fascinating place to be. However, the most important tools in this department are still the hands of our competent employees.

In this department we create the impossible solutions and produce a complete unique Krone product to your project, for many years of joy.

Extra deep frame

  • Avoid inside embrasure work
  • Better possibilities for large elements
  • Use the extra deep frames for seats
  • Elegant solution, with through-going wood   

Different choice of Materials

  • Create unique architecture
  • Give the building its own look
  • Underline the details through the materials
  • Challenge the traditions
  • Oak, Douglas, Kerto, Composite, Jatoba, etc.

Glass to glass Corners

  • Optimal inflow of light
  • Energy correct solution
  • Glass to glass corners
  • Stylish solution
  • For renovations and new buildings

90 degress Glazing Bead

  • We give the architecture free hands
  • Create unique architecture
  • Give the building its ovn character
  • Break the traditions

Natural Ventilation

  • Natural ventilation improves the indoor climate
  • Minimizes noise pollution
  • Burglar-proof 
  • Child-friendly

Curved Windows

  • Organic design
  • Optimized indoor climate 
  • Burglar-proof

Noise-reducing windows - bottom hung

  • Very effective noise reduction
  • Possibility for airing without noise nuisance
  • Burglar-proof