The Danish engineering contractor Einar Kornerup (EEK) and KRONE have been working together on more projects, more schools and the renovation project Gyldenrisparken. Lars Kjær, Contract Manager at EEK, emphasizes on the flexibility when choosing windows from KRONE.


With approximately 250 employees and a history of more than 100 years, EEK has a solid experience in building for the private as well as the public sector.

Through the years, KRONE and EEK have worked closely together on more bigger projects. Apart from the buildings, a close co-operation has been established to the benefit of both parties – eventually, it affects the solutions, says Lars Kjær.

- We have developed a confidently co-operation. KRONE always offers good sparring in the preliminary phase of the building, keeps the appointments made and generally they offer a high level of service. That we know each other as well as we do also means that we know how much is actually possible when we take the construction into consideration.

Unique buildings demand everything else but standard

Lars Kjær from EEK is especially fond of the flexibility offered by KRONE. The windows are not just standard elements, but are tailor-made according to our wishes. This is very important, when the architects’ ambitious drawings on the drawing board must be aroused.

- KRONE stands out from the market by offering flexible window solutions, they are easy to talk to about a specific project and they always find a match to a given challenge. And should there be a defect or a claim, KRONE always solves the challenges straight away and the best way possible, says Lars Kjær.

Holmegårdsskolen in Copenhagen

In order to create space for more students Holmegårdsskolen in Copenhagen is now being expanded and renovated, and EEK is the main contractor.

Among others KRONE has delivered big windows with deep frames intended for seatings, where the students can sit and study during teamwork, reading classes or during their breaks.

- At the same time the seatings are an ideal and time-saving solution for us since the windows can be lifted in and placed and we save all the work with the inside window embrasures and adjustments, says Lars Kjær, and adds that the co-operation also is a win-win on the construction site.

The frames are made in LWL, a laminated wood, glued together by 3 mm grain veneer and lacquered. It is a strong and stable solution and therefore suitable for the everyday life at a school. At the same time, the LWL gives a raw expression, which makes a fine contrast to the architecture of the rest of the school.

- The big LWL windows, with measurements up to 3x3 meters, are stable and show such a strength that we do not have to consider extra steel constructions, since the strength is built into the windows, says Lars Kjær.

Katrinedals Skole in Vanløse

Besides Holmegårdsskolen, EEK and KRONE have been working together on Katrinedals Skole in Vanløse, where EEK built an extension to the existing school in 2015-2017.

KRONE’s team was ready from the beginning of the project as the school needed new windows and doors, but also extra-large bays. The bays were tailor-made from KRONE and were delivered together with LWL windows, also with the extra depth and seatings.

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Gyldenrisparken on Amager

Some years ago EEK and KRONE also worked together in renovating the run-down concrete buildings in Gyldenrisparken as a part of the transformation of the housing estate. One of the main things to be realized were that the residents should have their lighting conditions improved by installing more floor to ceiling windows. This resulted in a big exchange of windows and an extension with glass bays, offering a better view and more safety for the residents.

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