With a mere 30-mm frame width, KRONE View® sets new standards for how narrow a window profile can be. The new window was developed for architecture where large amounts of daylight, an unobstructed view and elegant design have an important role to play.

Most architects are concerned with how to utilise daylight in a building, as light has a huge influence on our experience of the building. Light may improve the mental health and well-being of the users of the building and call for less artificial lighting.

The new window, KRONE View®, will allow architects to let even more light into buildings. With a frame width of only 30 mm, the new design window has the narrowest profile on the market, which ensures an impressive inflow of light and an optimal view from inside.  

– It was the many architects we work with and visit that gave us the idea. They typically want as much glass as possible in their window solutions. The narrower the customised profile is, the better. This is why we decided to develop a window for our regular product range where the distance from the wall to the window glass is extremely narrow. We call the new window Krone View®, says Christian Olesen, project director at KRONE.

Have the design window play with daylight in an elegant play of light and shade on the front of the building. The window can be installed with a projection from the front level of up to 10 mm. This will create an interesting shade effect when light catches the window.

Ideal for shop fronts

KRONE View® is for residential and non-residential building. The design window features wood on the inside and a composite core of recycled plastic and aluminium on the outside. The window is available in vary large dimensions, and the narrow profile makes the new window ideal for fronts with integrated window elements. KRONE thus presents a solution which dismisses the idea that front systems in shops, for instance, should be pure aluminium solutions.

– The inner part is available in a wide variety of wood, which visually lends a feeling of inner warmth while offering the architect scope to create beautiful rooms. Imagine that the floor is made of wood from Douglas-fir. Then we can use the same type of wood on the inside of the window. When your eyes travel along the floor and on to the window in one unbroken sequence, the effect is impressive, says Christian Olesen. 

The glass in KRONE View® is factory mounted to allow for easy installation.

– Expressed in popular terms, these are ready-made panels to be installed on location in one entire wall section at a time. Combined with minimal maintenance, long life and low energy consumption, we believe KRONE View® to be an attractive window solution for all the involved parties, says Christian Olesen.

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About KRONE View®:

·        With a frame width of only 30 mm, this window has the narrowest profile on the market.

·        An elegant window for residential and non-residential building alike.

·        Available in vary large elements and thanks to its narrow design, the window is ideal for element integration on shop fronts, for instance.

·        The inner part of the window comes in a type of wood of your own choosing, and on the outside there is a core of composite and aluminium.

·        Easy maintenance and low energy consumption.

·        Developed and manufactured at KRONE’s production facilities in Northern Jutland.