With KRONE View® you will get the slimmest profile on the market. The frame width is only 30 mm and the window is designed for places and architecture where daylight, an undesturbed view and an elegant design plays an important part. 

KRONE View® ist designed with a 10 mm overhang, which makes it possible to mount the window in a way that you create a beautiful play of shadows on the facade. 

At the same time, a wood/aluminium window from KRONE gives you freedom to design. The inner part of the window is made of an optional wood sort, which can be prepared with your preferred surface treatment. On the outer side there is a shield of aluminium, which gives the windows a very long life.

High Energy Performance

KRONE View® has an ever-lasting composite core, made from recycled plast. It minimizes heating loss and ensures higher temperatures at the glass edges. Besides this the risk for condensation on the inner side is heavily minimized.

Overall economy

Due to the energy mark and the fact that the windows are maintenance-free they add positive to the overall economy.

With triple glazed windows the windows allow more warmth to get into the building that they give off. This results in a big plus in the heating accounts and gives a significantly better indoor climate.

Wood/aluminium windows and doors can be delivered in a large numbers of colors.