Our co-operation with leading and innovative glass producers ensures that KRONE always offer the best products possible, when it comes to glass and panels to windows and doors.

Energy panes have a significantly higher insulation capability than a normal double/triple glazing. The space between the panes are filled with argon gas instead of air and a thin layer of silver on one of the panes reflects the heat back to the house. Energy glass insulates 3 times as much as normal glass.

Energy glass is available as double, triple or fourfold glazing. To lower the U-value further, KRONE Windows uses triple glazing with double energy panes as standard.

 All KRONE Windows glasses are delivered as standard with spacers in light grey (RAL 7035), but it also available in black or white.  

We offer many kinds of decorated glass, which can be used to protect against the sun, prying eyes or secure privacy. Decorated glass is available in many patterns, satin or abstract patterns.

 Some of the glasses are available to the same price as normal clear glass, whereas some types have a minor extra charge.   

Solar protecting double/triple glazed windows are constructed in a way that they collect or reflect a big part of the warm sunbeams. The newest generation of solar protecting windows do both – they accumulate and reflect the heat. Glass that mainly reflects the sunbeams and the heat rays has a reflecting effect.

Windows with build-in blinds offer many obvious advantages. In the summer time you are protected against dazzling and overheating and in the winter time you benefit optimal from the daylight. There is no cleaning needed, since the blinds are build-in between the panes and you may choose to operate the blind manually, motorized or even choose a solar cell-motorized solution.

 A window with a build-in blind is a functional smart solution and an aesthetic beautiful solution in any building. 

Sound reducing windows are a gift to people who are disturbed by noises, e.g. traffic noise. The deaden effect is accomplished by using glass in different thicknesses. This way the outer layer of glass does not swing as much as the inner layer, which makes it difficult for the noise to come through. By lamination of both glasses you will get a further noise reduction. KRONE Windows new generation of composite windows (COto 62) has an up to 43db sound absorption with triple glazing, which is the most used next to airports and railroads.  

KRONE Windows front- and terrace doors are available in many designs which makes it easy to find exactly the door that matches the house.

Safety glass is tempered or laminated glass in different combinations and thicknesses. It is very important to be aware of when to use safety glass.

Safety glass is mostly used as a protection of individuals at exposed places in the home, e.g. doors or top to floor window elements. However, safety glass can also be used to strengthen the glass, or by noise pollution.

Laminated safety glass is made by laminating 2 panes together. When the pane breaks, the glass will stay fixed in the lamination. This solution is very often used within the auto industry.

Tempered glass is made through a specific production, in which the glass is being hardened. When the glass breaks, it will break into thousands of small pieces which do not cut, so you avoid personal injuries with big cuts.

Diagram gives examples of glazing in windows, partitions, walls, doors and side panels. 'Critical locations' are shaded blueish grey. Any glazing within a shaded area must comply with BS 6206. - In theese areas you should always install safety glass.

See Illustration.

Diagram gives examples of glazing in windows, partitions, walls, doors and side panels. 'Critical locations' are shaded blueish grey. Any glazing within a shaded area must comply with BS 6206. - In these areas you should always install safety glass.