We shape our surroundings, and our surroundings shape us. Therefore, it matters how we design, build, and live. Our current and future ways of living are continually setting new standards and increasing demands for the spaces we create – inside as well as outside. We are driven by contributing to shape the architecture of the future. This requires imagination, foresight, and flexibility. 
At KRONE we proudly get up every day to create solid interior and eye-catching facades, in honest materials. From the raw wood of the forest, which is sawn, sanded, collected, and processed in our backyard. To be packed and delivered on the crackling gravel at the construction site where the window, once it is installed, is transformed from a piece of building material into a cozy alcove, an entire wall, or architectural silhouettes. Because we firmly believe that a window is more than just a window – it is an opportunity. An opportunity to create distinctive architecture. To bring the inside out and the outside in. To break the boundaries of the classic functions of the window. Because it is where function and aesthetics meet that we create solutions, which are meaningful and joyful every day – year after year.

We are a close team of curious and nerdy specialists, shaped by the wild wind and the calmness of Vendsyssel. We have grown here steadily, like wood grain, since our journey began in 1953. A lot has changed since then, but the scent of sawdust and our love for good craftsmanship are still growing – and so do we: now as a part of Northern Europe’s largest window family, Dovista.
At KRONE we offer a wide range of possibilities, varieties, and formats, and we always strive to provide as much freedom and flexibility as we possibly can – whether it is in the studio, on the construction site, or in your home.
To us, it is not only the external surroundings that matter – so does the inner. That is why we always put great effort into our relations. We deliver commitment and exceptional expertise to special projects with the vision of creating realisable and distinct solutions for your project. With this philosophy, we are convinced that we together are able to make each other people’s surroundings a bit more extraordinary.