KRONE is a Danish producer of high quality windows with more than 60 years’ of experience. We deliver windows to private homes in Denmark and larger building projects in Denmark and abroad.

In the good old days the carpenter visited the premises and took the measurments for the windows and doors. With great respect for traditions and good craftsmanship the windows and doors were made by hand in the workshop. – Half a century after KRONEs establishment, the company still works by these principles - only faster and in more modern premises.

The tailor-made and flexible solutions is still our trade mark. However, the carpenter has been replaced by a team of competent advisors and our own engineers. Our workshop is a high-technology production machinery. And our windows are state-of-the-art with low energy glasses and the possibility for maintenance-free frames.


Flexibility is a standard

When choosing KRONE you will get field-proven quality solutions, which makes it possible to combine important features as noise reduction, fire security and low energy windows with an elegant design.

At KRONE flexibility is a standard. This means that KRONE is the solution to your project, no matter if you wish specific measures, deep frames, curved windows or window frames in a special sort of wood. And even regardless if you design an exclusive house or the unique company domicile. 

Please do ask for our advice early in the project. This way we can help you realizing your ideas and visions - within the financial limits of the project.