We give our customers the possibility for design freedom and hereby the possibility to create elegant solutions to renovations as well as new buildings.

Besides this, our wood/aluminium windows are a very economic solution, as they are maintenance-free and the energy loss is still very low.

With triple glazed windows the windows allow more warmth to get into the building that they give off. This results in a big plus in the heating accounts and gives a significantly better indoor climate.

Wood/aluminium windows and doors can be delivered in a large numbers of colors and the wooden part can de delivered with the Classical profile or the pure and rounded Softline/Standard profile.

Wood/aluminium windows is the most economic and best choice for those who wish for a maintenance-free window which fits as well modern as classic buildings - whether it is for renovation or new-building. Our energy-marked windows have an inner side in an optional kind of wood and with many possibilities for different surface finishing. The outside shield in aluminium protects the wood, which is therefore not influenced by the weather. The solution gives the window a long life. The optimized glass part minimizes the risk for inside condensation.     

  • Softline/standard - Wood/aluminium windows with a rounded and pure profile.
  • Classic - Wood/aluminium windows with classical profiled edges.  


  • Massive – highly-insulated door plates with many possibilities                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Facade/terrace – bars-, filling- and frame doors
  • Double doors – two-winged facade- and terrace doors
  • Half doors – outgoing stable doors
  • Sliding – sliding doors