Our wood/aluminium windows are also available as ingoing tilt and turn elements. The ingoing windows are a sensible, user-friendly and secure solution, and ideal for multi-storey buildings. Thanks to the slim frames you will have a beautiful inflow of light in the building.

Freedom to design

The choice of a wood/aluminium window from KRONE gives you freedom to design. The inner site is made of pine wood, which can be given the preferred surface treatment. On the outer part the wood is protected by an aluminium shield. This gives the windows a long life-time.

High energy-performance – high density

The window has an ever-lasting composite core, minimizes heating loss and ensures higher temperatures at the glass edges. Besides this the risk for condensation on the inner side is heavily minimized.

Furthermore, the window has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute and the density of the window beats by far the existing demands for density.

Overall Economy

Due to the energy mark and the fact that the windows are maintenance-free they add positive to the overall economy.

With triple glazed windows the windows allow more warmth to get into the building that they give off. This results in a big plus in the heating accounts and gives a significantly better indoor climate.