The basis for a sustainable quality window is the use of heartwood, wherein our share of heartwood in our windows is more than 90 percent. We use slow growing pine from Northern Scandinavia.

Environmentally-friendly methods

The use of heartwood makes the environmentally damaging vacuum impregnation unnecessary. Instead we use the most environmentally friendly surface, called 2 ØKO
It requires a special permit, which of course KRONE has achieved. 

Uniform surface

We have removed the knots from the wood to avoid discoloration. Besides this we have managed to find the optimal thickness on the painting film to secure an extreme uniform surface and maximal durability.

  • Softline/standard - Wood/aluminium windows with a rounded and pure profile.
  • Classic - Wood/aluminium windows with classical profiled edges.  
  • Massive – highly-insulated door plates with many possibilities                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Facade/terrace – bars-, filling- and frame doors
  • Double doors – two-winged facade- and terrace doors
  • Half doors – outgoing stable doors
  • Sliding – sliding doors