Architect MAA Niklas Nolsøe, Lendager Group, says: "We chose Krone Windows for this project after having spoken to many other manufacturers. Krone Windows showed great flexibility concerning design, development and production. At the same time Krone Windows’ experience with wood was an important factor, since our wish was to work with raw wood. 

There were many unknown factors. For example, the dimensions on the recycled glass often changed, which had an impact on the pricing and meant changes and adjustments of the design halfway in the production. Krone Windows had the courage to take part in the development and contribute constructively to the design, which has helped to move the boundaries for what we considered possible then and which possibilities we see today.

Without revealing too much, let me just say that we have many ideas to the continued development with Krone Windows as a business partner. Finally, I would like to say that Krone Windows by most measures are very solution-oriented and have acted this way from the very first meeting.