When buying KRONE products, you are guaranteed the following:

  • KRONEs products are tested and quality controlled.
  • KRONE company and products comply with the Danish environmental regulations
  • KRONE provides a 5-year warranty according to the window industry (The Association of Danish Window Manufacturers)

Get an overview of what your warranty covers if you choose buying windows from Krone windows:

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What is a CE mark?

20 years after the passing of the construction products directive, there has been a general agreement in the EU about a common product standard for windows and outer doors, DS/EN 14351-1.

As from February the 1st 2010, all windows and outer doors which are being sold into the EU-marked must bear the CE-mark. 

Regardless the standard, it is only a legal requirement to declare the qualities, which are regulated by law in the country were the product is being promoted. For windows and doors promoted in Denmark there is a law stating that the products’ energy capacities must be declared, according to the Building Regulations.

Please note that the CE mark can be placed either on the element itself (the packaging) or on the enclosed documents, and that the mark can be divided, so there will be a code on the item itself referring to the enclosed documents or a webpage, where the rest of the information can be found.

To be able to CE mark a window or an outer door, the producer must sign a declaration of conformity stating that the requirements in the product standard for windows and outer doors DS/EN 14351-1 are met.

  • Type test (initial test that determines the declared qualities)
  • A quality system
  • Declaration of Performance (DoP) and CE mark.

The CE mark indicates capacities such as energy performance, air- and water tightness etc. and can be used in comparison with other products. The CE mark ensures that the capacities are measured on the same basis all over Europe.

The CE mark is not a quality stamp in the conventional sense – it does not highlight one product rather than another, since all products must bear the CE mark. Likewise, the CE mark does not, as the DVC, make demands on the processing, wood quality, surface treatment, finish etc. 


Market Control

Market control according to article 15 and 21 in the construction products directive must ensure, that the single European market operates as intended in the market for construction products. Besides this the market control authorities also have control assignments according to the national building regulations.

The market control of the CE mark is carried out by the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, to whom any complaints must be directed.

The market control authorities can intervene if the construction product does not bear the CE mark, if the labelling is in-correct, in the absence of the declaration of conformity or if the construction product does not comply with the decisions in the DS/EN 14351-1.