When choosing KRONE you will have a building that stands out from the crowd. We adjust to the building - and not the opposite. Have a look at some of our flexible solutions and please do ask for our advice already when you are at the drawing board. We enjoy developing new solutions together with you and naturally test the products in the process.

Extra frame depth

  • Avoid inside embrasure work
  • Better possibilities for large elements
  • Use the extra deep frames for seats
  • Elegant solution, with through-going wood  

Different choice of materials

  • Create unique architecture
  • Give the building distinctiveness
  • Underline details
  • Break from tradition

Glass to glass corners

  • Optimal inflow of light
  • Energy correct solution
  • Glass to glass corners
  • Stylish solution
  • For renovations and new buildings

Natural window ventilation

  • Improves indoor climate
  • Minimizes noise pollution
  • Burglar-proof 
  • Child-friendly

Big elements

  • Extra tall doors
  • Extra wide and tall sliding doors
  • Extra big window elements
  • Big facade solutions

Curved windows

  • Elegant solution
  • Organic design
  • Follows the facade
  • Optimized indoor climate 
  • Burglar-proof