Wood is a warm, healthy and popular building material. With hardwood windows from KRONE we give you the possibility to change the many good qualities from the wood into value in your building.

We have been working with wooden windows for several years and we offer a wide range of possibilities.

KRONE OAK - Oak windows

Oak is a very popular sort of wood and is used a lot for windows and doors. KRONE OAK is of the highest quality - laminated, finger joint oak tree - with no knots at all. We ensure a maximum utilization of the wood and at the same time we reduce the amount of wasted wood significantly. This is sustainability at it's highest level. 

To ensure the beautiful glow and to give the windows an optimal protection we recommend to give the elements a treatment 1 or 2 times right after mounting. Before the elements leave our production they have been treated with clear oil to protect against mould fungus.

Hardwood windows in different sorts of wood 

Besides oak, we also offer windows and doors in larch, douglas, kebony or LWL. 

You can read more about the different sort of wood here.


Combinations with hardwood

You may also choose a combination and combine hardwood with white-painted pinewood, and make all the openable sashes in hardwood. This is a really beautiful solution, as well from the inside as from the outside. 

A long-term solution

Our energy-marked windows are made of 100% heartwood. This makes the windows a long-lasting investment. The high true density of the wood and the continuously oil treatment gives the windows a beautiful look through many years.

  • Softline/standard - Wood/aluminium windows with a rounded and pure profile.
  • Classic - Wood/aluminium windows with classical profiled edges.  
  • Massive – highly-insulated door plates with many possibilities                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Facade/terrace – bars-, filling- and frame doors
  • Double doors – two-winged facade- and terrace doors
  • Half doors – outgoing stable doors
  • Sliding – sliding doors