When choosing a KRONE Windows sliding door, you will get an elegant solution, which ensures an optimal inflow of light into your house and at the same time an undisturbed view. An optimal solution which fits into most homes.

Even the biggest sliding doors are easy to handle – due to the special rails. You may therefore easily open the door and let in the warmth and the fresh air from the terrace.

The level-free composite bottom step ensures an easy access to the room or the terrace and helps to draw in the outdoor environment into the room.

The sliding door is available in many different sorts of wood as also in the maintenance-free materials composite and aluminium; so, you can always find a solution that fits exactly your home.

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Up to 5 meters width...

Besides the wide choice of materials, that we offer, we also break the standard limits for measurements, and we offer the sliding door in very big sizes.

We can produce sliding doors, which are up to 5 meter wide and 2.6 meter tall. The final possible size is depending on the placing and the mounting of the sliding door, but please ask for our advice.

The sliding door can be seen in our beautiful new showroom in Harken, Denmark.